Safety and Security

Staff are regularly trained in both health and safety and safeguarding procedures in order to ensure that all areas of the Kindergarten are maintained on a regular basis. Close supervision of these areas ensure that security is controlled with regular risk assessments to ensure that each child, staff member and visitors are safe and secure. Safeguarding is of paramount importance to all at the Kindergarten.

Entry into the setting is controlled and no unauthorised person is admitted to the premises. All visitors are accompanied at all times and we have procedures in place for the collection of children by an unfamiliar adult. The setting operates a no mobile phone policy.

Safeguarding Children

The safety and security of all children is our priority and we are committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns of harm or abuse, working closely with the local safeguarding children’s boards and relevant bodies.  We record any concerns or referrals in accordance with our child protection procedures. Our safeguarding policy is available in the setting and on our website as well as being available on request as with all our policies.

Each Child is an Individual

Each child is unique and here at Pavilion Prep we respect every culture and tradition, celebrating many different festivals and religious dates throughout the year.

We strive to embed good manners and an understanding of many backgrounds and ways of lives of our pupils. Respect for and consideration towards others is a key factor in our approach to learning.

Pupil progress meetings are arranged for you to monitor your child’s progress and development. Personal updates are available from the senior leadership team at any other time.

At Pavilion Preparatory School and Kindergarten we recognise each child as an individual and with this in mind challenge each and every child to develop at a pace that suits their ability and aptitude.